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The Emotion AI video tutorial format

Adaptive-Media® adapts video tutorials to people in real-time based upon human factors such as emotion, attention, positivity and learning engagement. We use our format to create video tutorial products that adapt in real-time, based upon human factors

About Adaptive-media®
Adaptive-Media® is an emotion AI deep tech format that adapts video tutorials to users in real-time based upon human factors such as attention, positivity and learning engagement.
Awards and Recognition
A-dapt Vision is browser-based emotion AI that uses the camera as a sensor, without facial recognition
What it detects

Six emotions, 40+ features
90+ affects / expressions
Demographics (no racial profiling)
Positivity, attention
Mood, energy, pose

How it works

750kB auto download
Powered by Deep Neural Network
Browser-based technology
Analyses live stream and recorded video
Works in most browsers

A-dapt’s authoring software creates interactive video pathways that adapt based upon user interactions and emotions
What it enables

Intelligent video tutorials
Multiple learning pathways
Refocusing of student attention
Diagnostic assessment in video
Learning at the individual’s pace

How it works

Unique adaptive media player
350kB auto download
No App or Plug-in required
Cloud based authoring software
Works on most devices

Enabling A-dapt to develop new adaptive learning and training product innovations for our partners
1000s of potential applications

Education tutorials
Soft skills training
Remote health assessments
Corporate compliance education
New entertainment and marketing formats

A-Dapt Vision

The ability to analyse faces and respond is one of the things that makes us human.

Now our videos can ’see’ the user and adapt, enabling a new format for education and training. Safe, secure and GDPR compliant.

Interview Coach

Preparing young adults to give their best possible interview and boosts their self-confidence.

Interactive tutorials show learners what to say in interviews and how to prepare for one. Students learn by answering questions with the help of dozens of real-life interview scenarios. Learners then enter an Interview Simulator, with a live window for the user to see themselves and an innovative real-time feedback positivity and attention UI feature.
Our deep neural network uses scientifically validated data sets for facial analysis for basic human emotion, attention, sentiment analysis and 98 expressions.

Use cases
Soft skills lie at the heart of recruitment
and career development

Those with Soft Skills tend to be more successful, happier in their jobs and are more productive, translating into a high ROI, helping organisations increase productivity, competitiveness and profitability. A-dapt works with both Corporates and Governments to develop people skills training solutions across a wide range of key areas.

A-dapt Communication skills
Communication skills

Social and networking skills are fundamental building blocks for successful relationships with co-workers and clients.

A-dapt Collaboration skills
Collaboration Skills
Teamwork is essential for reaching shared goals, whether solving a problem or creating a project together
A-dapt Sales skills
Sales skills
Selling is one of the most important business skills, to both land new customers and inspire co-workers
A-dapt Problem solving skills
Problem Solving Skills
Being adaptable and having the ability to problem solve through the use of initiative and creative thinking are vital requirements
A-dapt Leadership skills
Leadership Skills
Effective leaders have the ability to manage and to inspire teams and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace
The best companies know that employees with soft skills really help their organization thrive

1. Access to the highest quality learning
2. Learning at the pace of the individual
3. Allows for practice and experimentation
4. Provides freedom to explore and learn
5. Uses AI for career development

1. Self-contained digital training method
2. Behavioral change across organizations
3. Works on standard devices – no headsets!
4. Fully scalable from 100s to 100,000s
5. Bespoke soft skills solutions

Private data protection and preserving people’s rights are at the heart of everything we do.

Our technologies are fully GDPR and COPC compliant. We do not use biometric data for identification or racial profiling. Do not confuse us with facial recognition technologies

User initiated

Face analysis only works when the viewer allows access to their smartphone or PC camera.

Anonymous traits and attributes of the viewer are used to drive the content playback and this output cannot be linked to the viewer.
Works in device
Our technology runs inside a browser tab and the browser security protects personal data.
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Get in touch with us to see how Adaptive-media can help
Schedule a demo
Claudio Piovesana

Tel: + 33(0) 611 495045

Jeff Howson

Tel: + 44(0) 7496321987

Press enquiries
Matthew Mayes

Tel: +44 (0) 7711 604767

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